Side Dishes

Moros Y Cristianos

(Literally translated to “Moors and Christians,” this is Black Beans and Rice, Cuban Style) (From Around the World in 80 Miles – 2009) 5 tablespoons Spanish olive oil 1 medium, sweet onion, chopped 1 medium green bell pepper, chopped 3 cloves garlic, minced 1-29 ounce can black beans, undrained 2 cups uncooked long grain rice 4-1/4… Read More

Kicked Up Mac & Cheese

(From Pasta Primo Vino 2010) Three reasons to love our “kicked up” version of this popular dish: You don’t have to make a white sauce, there’s only one pot to wash, and it’s distinctly flavorful and different! And not for nothin’, but if you can’t get the Rotel tomatoes with chopped green chiles, then use another… Read More

Sassy Peanut Pasta

(From 2011 Pasta Primo Vino) This year we decided to step off the beaten pasta path and go with something a little different. We hope you’ll like our version of pasta with peanut sauce. At first glance, the ingredient list looks rather long, but note that the actual preparation is quite simple. Add more broccoli if… Read More

Porotos Granados / Beans with Vegetables

From Around the World in 80 Miles – 2011 This national dish of Chile is traditionally made with cranberry beans called porotos which are pretty hard to find in our neck of the woods. The recipe I borrowed to use for this event suggested using navy beans instead. There are variations on this recipe out there,… Read More

That Delicious Glorie Orzo Salad

(From 2012 Pasta Primo Vino) A refreshing pasta salad with lots of flavor and texture. Perfect for summer time parties because it’s simple to put together, it makes a lot, and there’s no mayo in it! I chopped all the ingredients very small so there are no big chunks of anything. You can leave larger pieces… Read More