GLORIE Reds Rock! Pinot Noir

Pinot4WebPinot Noir is my favorite grape variety. It has a flavor profile unlike any other wine. The best bottles come from France and California AVA’s like Carneros, Sonoma and Russian River. Areas in Oregon are also getting good reviews. It can and is being grown in the northeast. I have a bottle of Red Newt (Finger Lakes) that is as good as any Pinot I have ever consumed. It can also grow in the Hudson Valley. We choose not to grow it because there can be many challenges.

We have an arrangement with a vineyard and winery on Seneca Lake that produces great Pinot Noir. I visited the vineyard during the 2013 growing season to assure myself of its quality. MaryEllen and I stopped by in June 2014 and tasted through several French oak barrels. The 2013 vintage is in our tasting room now. Get yours before I drink it all. -Doug