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White Wines

Seyval BlancSeyval Blanc – $15   
The proprietors’ favorite wine. Estate-grown with pride and vinified in the classic style, dry and crisp with notes of toasted nut, citrus, and vanilla. Rich in bouquet and full in the finish. A Hudson Valley specialty.
Chardonnay RieslingChardonnay Riesling – $17
Each of these two noble grapes brings its own gifts for the party on your palate! A light French oak influence balances and integrates well with the soft round Chardonnay flavors, and the Riesling provides brightness and spark with green apple aroma and flavor!

Lunar White – $15
Fruity, semi-dry blend of the dynamic duo: Cayuga White and Vidal Blanc.
JumpinJazzJPGJumpin Jazz – $15
Semi-dry blend with floral aromas that jump out at you, followed by smooth, refreshing flavors of citrus, tropical fruit, and melon. Get ready… you’re gonna love the JAZZ!
Sully’s Cinnful Pearple – $15 
A deliciously different semi-dry blend of pear and apple with a dash of cinnamon spice. Named after our “sinful” chocolate labrador, Sullivan, when he was a devilish pup. We’re releasing it again to celebrate his 10th birthday.
RieslingJPGRiesling 2015 – $17
Classic flavor with a pineapple finish and added mineral complexity from our Marlboro Mountains terroir.
RumplePumpkin4TTBRumple Pumpkin™ – $15  Gold Medal
Semi-dry white wine infused with pumpkin spice. Delicious with butternut squash soup and ham and scalloped potatoes. Great cocktail hour and fireplace wine. Let your taste buds discover what the Rumple Pumpkin buzz is all about!!
MuscatSallyMuscat Sally – $15   
First offered in 2016. This semi-dry white wine offers amazing peach and apricot aromatics and flavor! Finishes with a lemon zing.
SweetCarolineSweet Caroline – $16
Smooth, sweet, luscious Vidal Blanc. Made occasionally and only in small batches. Available for purchase by the bottle. Not included in the tasting menu. Get it while you can!
Peach WinePeach Wine – $15 
A bright, sweet wine made from fresh, ripe New York State peaches and blended estate grapes. Lightly filtered, this wine doesn’t need food. It’s delightful on its own! Serve chilled and enjoy today. Scrumptiously delicious!
NiagaraNiagara – $13  New Vintage
American white grape. Sweet wine with lots of foxy flavor.

Rosé + Dry Red Wines

Rosé of Cabernet FrancRosé of Cabernet Franc $17
Intense, fruity aromas. Strawberries on the palate with rhubarb in the background. Perfect paired with summer.
Red MonkeyRed Monkey – $16
A perfect marriage of Cabernet Sauvignon and our estate reds. This wine matured for one year in old French barrels and new American oak. Taste dark berry flavor in this medium-bodied wine. Great with a sauced pot roast or a seasoned flank steak.
Pinot AmericanPinot Noir $29  
Crafted from Central Coast California grapes. Typical ripe dark cherry flavor and hints of vanilla and caramel integrated with lush tannins.
Chambourcin Chambourcin 2015 – $15
Beautifully balanced, fleshy red wine. Rich, dark berry flavor. A little spicy with a little black pepper in the finish.
Cabernet Franc Cabernet Franc 2016 – $22  The Hudson Valley’s signature grape and one of our signature wines! We are Co-founders and Legacy Members of the Hudson Valley Cabernet Franc Coalition. This vintage is medium-bodied and smooth, expressing exquisite dark berry flavors. Estate grown on our premium vineyard site. Marquette2013jpg4TTBMarquette 2014/2015 – $19   
A rising star among northern reds. Wine writers are enthusiastic about this grandson of Pinot Noir, and we wholeheartedly agree!
Synergy 2016Synergy 2016 – $29
Just our second vintage of this wine. A Bordeaux-style red wine made only when we have the very best components: Glorie Cabernet Franc plus Long Island Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Semi-Dry & Sweet Red Wines

Red QuartetRed Quartet – $15 
A good starting point for the red wine novice; a nice break from the monster reds for the red wine expert. A semi-dry blend with pleasant fruit and acid, this wine appeals to a wide range of palates.
Blackjack!Blackjack! – $15
Oodles of blackberry flavor give this semi-dry to semi-sweet red wine a winning hand!
JibberJabber4TTBJibber Jabber – $15 
Figgy. Jammy. Port style. Pairs well with meaningless conversation.
CandyAssRedJPGCandy Ass Red™ – $13
Need we say more? From the sweet red nectar in the bottle to the cute little donkey on the label, this wine is pure fun inside and out! It’s like grape juice on steroids!

Hard Cider

Glorie Mutiny Hard Cider Mutiny Hard Apple Cider – ON SALE!
$13 or 2 for $20 This premium hard cider is lightly carbonated, bursting with apples in the bouquet and flavor on your tongue. Apples were carefully chosen; 95% of them grown on Glorie Farms.

Dessert Wines

Black Currant Black Currant Wine – $23 (375ml bottle)
This deep red, sweet-tart wine is made from estate grown black currants rounded out with a touch of our 5-year-old estate brandy. Makes dark chocolate sing!
Chardonnay Ice  Chardonnay Ice – $25 (375ml bottle)
From Standing Stone Vineyards. Grapes are picked very late, frozen, and pressed while still frozen. Chardonnay blended with a little Gewurztraminer, Riesling and Vidal. Melon flavors.