Wine Shipping

We are happy to ship wine to you via Fed Ex. If has been our experience that the cost of shipping 12 bottles is nearly identical to shipping just 6 bottles, so clearly the most cost effective quantity to ship is 12 bottles which is a full case of wine. We ship full cases only.

Please be aware that an adult MUST sign for the wine as required by law when it is delivered to your home or business.

How to Figure the Cost of a Case of Wine Shipped to You

Select any 12 bottles of wine. Add up the bottle cost of your selections. Subtract the case discount of 10% from this total. (If you are a Glorie WINE Club member, subtract 20% case discount.) Add 8% sales tax.

Then add $32 for an estimated shipping cost. This is an average cost for shipping within a 100-mile radius of our winery. Your actual shipping cost may be higher or lower. Shipping a longer distance will cost more. Shipping includes $13 for the approved shipping box and adult signature fee.

If you are ok with this, email us with your wine selections, your shipping address, and a contact phone number. We will then call you for credit card information. Your order is processed and shipped on the following Monday.